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More than 350 student conduct offices worldwide depend on Advocate.

Apply a 360 model of campus safety—from behavioral intervention to campus security.


The next generation of case management for conduct, wellbeing, complaints & sexual misconduct.

Build custom workflows to manage cases for conduct, well-being, complaints, sexual misconduct, and more with easy reporting on key metrics and critical programs.

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Effectively collect and share key data in real-time to guide important decision making.

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Simplify the entire case management process and Clery reporting with the Federal Reporting Engine.


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With our CARE workflow, staff members can plan required assistance for each student and create the best course of action for students in need whether it be mental health support, connecting them to campus resources, or working with faculty to ensure a student is properly supported. At Symplicity we understand the necessity of supporting the student holistically and with Advocate universities can set up scoring thresholds, create a Students of Concern List for easy monitoring and create checklists and to-do dates to ensure assigned staff are completing follow-up tasks so no student is left unsupported.

Washington University in St. Louis Depends on Advocate to Streamline All Student Conduct
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With Advocate, universities can automatically route cases based on the type, the student(s) involved, and/or any other information chosen. Advocate features separate workflows for conduct cases, behavioral intervention, and Title IX and ensure they are compliant with current Title IX polices and recommendations. Staff members can easily track the time between phases and include them in reports. All actions taken on a case are captured within the Event Log and can be extracted for investigation purposes. The workflow includes the respondent, complainant, and witness to ensure each party is represented and communicated to effectively.

Central Michigan University Streamlines Communication and Reporting with Advocate
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Whether you’re on campus or off, have everything at your fingertips with a mobile-friendly platform that enables you to easily complete report forms right then and there. No longer do you need to wait to fill out necessary information once you get back to your office, but instead easily input all the necessary information to begin the reporting process whether it’s for you, faculty, or housing staff.

UC Davis Streamlines Its Student Conduct Adjudication Process

Build custom workflows to manage cases for conduct, well-being, complaints, sexual misconduct, and more with easy reporting on key metrics and critical programs.

Efficiency Redefined: Advocate Flex Transforms Case Support at Kennesaw State University


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Recognizing the power of Advocate for student conduct issues and grievances, Advocate offers a solution for managing and reporting on employee complaints, grievances, and cases in need of conflict resolution. Protect your organization from liability by providing your employees with an easy, reliable way of reporting concerns. Be quickly notified about any complaints, collect critical data to share with key decision-makers and ensure that everyone involved has the information necessary to handle the situation appropriately.


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  • Guest Tracker with Card Swipe Integration 
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  • Mobile-Adaptive Report Forms
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UC Davis Streamlines Its Student Conduct Adjudication Process

University of California – Davis is a public research university, as well as one of the 10 campuses of the University of California (UC) system. It is located in Davis, CA serving approximately 36,441 students. UC Davis has been using Advocate by Symplicity since 2012.

Since using Advocate, all of our cases have been success stories. It's been very helpful to be able to connect to so many different people with one case.

Diablo Valley College

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