Clubs & Groups

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Help Students Get More Involved

Getting involved on campus has never been easier! With Community, students can effortlessly use a number of powerful search filters to find groups that match their interests. They can search by an unlimited number of group types, such as Greek, Sports, Philanthropic, etc.

Students can now spend less time finding groups and more time gaining experience outside the classroom. Group information is conveniently displayed allowing the student to make an educated decision about joining. Students also see what their peers are up to and can join the same groups as their friends.

Paperless Registration!

Not only are staff able to register groups through Community, but students can too! Using Community's intelligent fields, you can take your paper forms and put them straight into the system, allowing the entire process to be completed online.

No need to adjust your process because Community is so customizable that you can change the system to meet your needs! It is equipped to handle numerous different types of group registration workflows, ensuring a smooth transition from past processes to paperless.

Group/Roster Management

Whether it's recruiting or managing current members, Community features tools that cover all aspects of roster management, including adding and removing members, knowing who has expressed interest in your group, as well as exporting lists of members.

Group officers are able to see anyone that has expressed interest in their group. They are able to reach out to the different users and find out if they are a good fit for the group.

My Community

Looking for a way to engage students and get them involved? Give them their own personal group site with Communty! Students can manage their own group profile and upload photos, documents, and even their own polls all from within the system.   

Community also features tools to let group leaders upload and manage all their contact information. Ensuring that they can be reached by students interested in learning more about their groups. Never again will groups miss out on members because an interested student couldn't find the information they needed.

Communicate Effectively

Trying to find an easy way to keep your group informed? Officers of a group have access to a powerful emailing tool. Send out personalized messages to group members, ensuring everyone knows about the latest updates and events.

Staff members are able to email groups and even specific group leaders from within the system. Community features a comprehensive email tracking tool that will track communication with each individual in the system.

Event Management

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Take Your Event Registration Online

With Community, you and your students are able to manage all aspects of an event online. Your students are able to come to one place to view all events that are important to them.

Using Symplicity's event generator, users may easily handle the creation and management of events. The event forms feature intelligent fields that can adapt to previous responses, allowing your forms to be both incredibly detailed as well as easy to understand.

Event Approval Workflow

Symplicity understands that each institution has a unique workflow process when it comes to reviewing and approving events. With Community's customizable event workflow, configure the approval process to meet your unique needs.

And Community's automatic email system notifies event creators when a status update or approval has been submitted by an event administrator.


Using Community's event management system, staff and students are able to monitor exactly who is coming to an event and can appropriately prepare for the number of attendees, and export guest lists to Excel with the click of a button.

With Community's simple RSVP form, it is easy for students to let administrators and event planners know whether or not they will attend an event. Thanks to Community's flexible RSVP form, a student also has the freedom to change his or her mind about attending any event.

Gather Information About Events

See who came to events throughout the year and see which events were the most popular. Using this system you will never need to guess about whether an event was successful, you will know!

With Community, you are able to run reports and you can track exactly who came to what event as well as how many of each type of event you had in years past in order to help you plan events in the future.


Co-Curricular Transcript

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Complete Co-Curricular Transcript

A complete Co-Curricular Transcript provides graduate programs and potential employers with an accurate window into each student's campus experience, and by using Community, students are able to generate an official document for real-time distribution.

By utilizing the Co-Curricular Transcript's editing tools, Community is able to pre-populate the document with all activity recorded in the system. Students are also able to bring in activities that they have done outside of your institution and choose which activities and groups get included in their transcript and which ones are excluded.

Officially Approved

Once a student has completed editing their Co-Curricular Transcript, they can submit it for approval via Community. Community then alerts staff that a transcript is pending in the approval workflow and allows them to approve it, deny it or recommend changes.

Once approved, the school's official seal will appear on the student's Co-Curricular Transcript. Students are then able to download a PDF version that may be used to submit to potential employers and graduate programs. And your institution's official seal will validate that their transcript is official.

Budgeting Tools

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Comprehensive Budgeting Tools

No more wondering where the money went! Allow students to manage their yearly budgets from within the system. Students can request funds, track their transactions, and see exactly where their money is going throughout the year.

You can view every historical transaction and even the complete audit trail of the group's budget from previous years. In addition, you can allow for multiple budgets within the same group.

Customizable Budget Approval Workflow

Do the student body leaders approve individual group budgets before they come across your desk? No problem! Symplicity understands that institutions have their own unique way of handling group budgets.

With Community's customizable budget approval workflow, you are able to customize the process to meet the specific needs of your institution. You are able to approve, deny, or edit all budget requests and transactions in real time.

Account Integration

Tired of using budgeting tools that don't give an accurate view of the account? Symplicity can integrate group budgets with actual accounts so that the information in the system is an up-to-date reflection of the group's finances.

Quickly and easily export your different accounts into an Excel spreadsheet. Take your budgetary information and create detailed graphs and charts to get a more complete view of expenditures by semester.

Email Marketing Suite

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Email Marketing "Symplified"

You send emails out to your students, but how do you know if it is even making a difference? With Community’s advanced email marketing tools, you can be sure that your emails are getting read.

You can see exactly who has opened the email and the date and time it was opened. See exactly what subject lines get the most attention, as well as which links get clicked the most often.

Save Custom Emails

Have an email that you send out periodically? Using Community's email marketing tools allows you to save custom templates of rich-text/HTML messages directly into the system.

You may save an unlimited number of custom emails in your Community system, so the next time you are sending a similar message, simply select a saved template and fire it in seconds!

Easy-to-Read Analysis

Ever wonder how effective your communications are? Using an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface, you are able to both obtain a general overview of your marketing efforts as well as dive into the data to analyze the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

With our easy-to-read charts and graphs, see how your students respond to different techniques. You may even find that one style works great for highly active students but a completely different one works well for less active students.

Polls, Elections, and Surveys

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Conduct Elections

Tired of wondering if the information you are getting from your polls is accurate? Using Community's polling system is a great way to ensure that your results are an accurate representation of your students' views. 

Using the system's strict security protocols, you can rest assured that each vote represents a unique individual.

Be Proactive

Want to know how students are enjoying their first year? Curious as to what courses or teachers they think are helping to make their experience great?

Community's polls provide instant feedback and unique follow-up tools for proactive campus activities staff to collect results and act upon them rapidly.

Community Forums

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Encourage Idea Sharing

Let your students' ideas be heard! Community provides institutions with a forum for users to share ideas and opinions with the entire student population.

By giving students a platform on which to share ideas, Community encourages interaction between groups and can even allow like-minded individuals to connect with one another.

Gather Feedback

Ever want to hear how your students feel about a certain new class or program? The Community Forums allow you to start threads about any topic you would like and then get instant feedback from your community. You no longer have to worry about sending out surveys!

The Community Forums provide a place not only for students to voice their opinions and concerns, but also a place for staff to answer them. It creates an arena where students and staff can collaborate and come up with ideas together like never before.

Student Directory

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Customize the Information and Search Options

Symplicity knows that every institution is unique and has certain fields that they know are important to their students. Collect only the data you want from your users and collect everything you need.

Using Symplicity's customizable form editor, you are able to create the perfect form to collect only the information that is relevant to your users. Also, using the intelligent fields, you can have a form that collects all the necessary data and, at the same time, still looks and feels intuitive.

Customized Search Options

Tired of having a one-size-fits-all search engine? Well, with Community, you can create and manage the search options so that only the fields you need are seen by students.

Many institutions have specific fields they want quick access to and not all systems out there are able to handle every institution's unique needs. However, with Community, you are able to customize the search fields so that they are unique to your own system.

Social Networking Integration

With Community, not only do you give your users the ability to have their own exclusive online network, but you also give them the ability to pull in and/or update their profile from Facebook in seconds. 

Students may also share any events they are attending directly to their Facebook page. This allows them to let their friends know what they are doing without having to input information twice.

Reporting & Analytics

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Take the Whole Pie or Just a Slice

We recognize that assesment and outcome tracking are key for institutions to justify the services they deliver and know where they need to focus their efforts in the future.

To accomplish this, we provide powerful data extraction and usage tracking tools. And, if you're in a rush, we'll create a custom report for you in a snap.

All of Your Data at Your Fingertips

Our Reporting Module allows you to create comprehensive ad hoc reports. From the report writer screen, you may select any/all fields in the database for extraction.

Refine your data set by filtering against any field, so you can display information by major, position type, created/modified date range, and much more.

Community archives all records (group type, event attendance, GPA's, etc.) so that you may pull reports on all students.

Analyze Your Stats and Spot Trends

View statistics (group participation, major, class year, and more) by utilizing our Count feature. By linking tables, you can even juxtapose counts to identify possible correlations.

Are students that are more involved getting better grades? What event was the most popular? With Community, you will know!

Report back to other stakeholders at the institution by pulling overall summary statistics (number of students per group, average number of groups per student, gender vs involvement, etc.) by utilizing our report summaries.

Sophisticated Data Analysis and Integration

Getting data into a system is one thing, but getting it out is another. We offer an easy "export to Excel" capability so that you may extract information into a workbook with just a click.

Want to push events to your university calendar, post announcements about events to your website, or utilize Crystal Reports? Our reporting API schedules data feeds to other campus systems using web services.

Online Customization Tools

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Your System, Your Way, Right Away

Every office is unique, and most administrators want to tailor their system's interface to align with their precise vision.

Knowing our customers' desire for interface control, we provide ultimate customization and configuration capabilities.

Collect Data Just How You Like It

Every office is different and wants their online forms set up according to their preferences. Our Form Builder gives you the ultimate flexibility to add, remove, or edit any field (dropdown, text, etc.) on demand.

You can choose the field's location, modify instructions, and set dependencies only showing certain fields to particular students. After adding a new field, it is automatically reportable.

Is your institution offering a new type of group? No problem! Our Picklist Manager allows you to update drop-down menus and checkbox choices in real time.

Communicate With a Personal Touch

Community’s custom workflow comes complete with customizable emails and announcements.

After important actions are taken in the system, students will receive a personalized note from your office that includes all the necessary information. We support HTML content and unlimited attachments.

Are students asking similar questions? Our Help Module lets you post the most common questions and answers.

Security and Privacy Compliance

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Uncompromising Data Security

Since our inception in 1997, Symplicity has maintained the confidentiality and privacy of millions of student and employer records to support full compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Many companies claim to secure your data, but we back it up with frequent independent audits. Our facilities are SAS70 Type II compliant and provide the world-class security that IT departments expect. For a list of our current accreditation guidelines, view our awards and certifications.

You can breathe easy knowing that Symplicity is vertically integrated; meaning we never outsource hosting services, support, or web development. Your relationship is exclusively with Symplicity and never with a 3rd party vendor behind the scenes. 

Meet and Exceed FERPA Obligations

Community offers several features to assist institutions in meeting their FERPA compliance obligations. We ensure secure connections for end users and system administrators and all connections are encrypted.

Access to our servers requires authentication and is limited to badged employees. All data contained within the Community system is controlled by you, the client. 

In addition, Community employs granular account management settings. This means that only the staff you authorize can access specific information, such as a student's documents and organizations.