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    Recruit for Your Business

    Our platform is designed for businesses of all sizes and ranges in value depending on your recruitment needs. Create a free account to access our network of schools and connect with more than 500 top universities around the world.

    Choose Your Plan

    Find your best fit among our three service plans: Free, A La Carte, and Premium.


    Access to our global network of schools comes at no charge.

    • No cost to receive access to 100% of our partners in education
    • Unlimited connections to 500+ academic institutions worldwide
    • Manage info sessions, career fairs, employer events and on-campus interview schedules all in one location (this is included)
    • Job posts across our exclusive network of top schools around the world
    • Messaging and applications management to boost talent engagement
    • Unlimited school connections, job posts, messaging, and more
    • Unlimited access to Global Search, a worldwide student resume database with advanced search filtering capabilities to qualify selections
    • Automated Smart Invites to proactively notify candidates of jobs matching their profile
    • Enhanced employer profile branding and personalized engagement with prospects to promote your business
    • Advanced analytics for insight into candidate behavior
    • Up to 100 recommended candidates for each job post

    A La Carte

    Our intermediate plan is pay-as-you-go for those looking primarily to take advantage of multi-school job postings.

    • Job posts start at $55 per post per school when targeting 4 schools or fewer. The cost per post decreases as more schools are targeted. Save even more with bulk purchases of job posts through our job packs.
    • Unlimited connections to 500+ universities worldwide
    • Smart Invites, our AI-sourcing solution that scouts talent for you, when posting to 5 or more schools
    • Limited analytics about Smart Invite performance
    • Enhanced job post branding with videos, images, and deep links is available for an additional fee
    • Up to 5 recommended candidates for each job post

    Recruit In Action

    Our platform connects you to an exclusive network of higher ed students and graduates who are serious about advancing their careers.

    Recruit on Your Terms

    Our recruitment platform offers solutions for a variety of business needs. Search for candidates in our worldwide network of more than six million students, list jobs, promote events, and engage with motivated talent. Providing unlimited personalized messaging and complete access to our global resume database, Recruit is the trusted partner of more than 600,000 active employers.

    Let Us Answer Your Questions

    Conversation is our business. Let’s start one

    What makes Symplicity Recruit different from other job boards?

    Symplicity partners closely with career centers from various universities and community colleges around the world. Our platform enables you to create job postings available to 6M+ students looking for open positions through their career center website. With one post, you will be able to post your open positions to all or a subset of our network of over 500 academic institutions.

    What is Global Search?

    Global Search is our candidate resume database. It includes students and recent grads who have opted in to hear from you across the Symplicity network of schools.  
    Global Search is a useful tool for recruiters because it enables them to discover talent across our network of schools by using our keyword search and filters including major, degree, graduation date, school, and more.  
    Our goal is to help you reach out to talent using personalized and branded emails by offering templates that you can save for later use, making message creation easier in the future.  
    Global Search is part of our Premium subscription plan. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us.  

    How much does it cost to post a job?

    Pricing varies depending on the number of schools you want to reach. With our a la carte plan you can reach 1-4 schools at a rate of $55 per school for each post. As you increase the number of schools you post to, the bigger your savings per school posting. Discounts are also available when job post credits are purchased in bulk through our job packs. With our Premium plan, you have access to unlimited postings for an annual fee. More detailed information on pricing can be found here

    How long will it take for my job to be live?

    While we strive to make the entire process as seamless as possible, we also prioritize the safety and experience of the students at each of the schools we partner with. This means that a few employer checks will be required before your job goes live including an initial verification by the Recruit team when creating your free account, approval by each school you choose to connect with, and in some cases a final approval of the job post by the school. Depending on each school, this process can take up to 5 days to complete but is usually less. 

    What schools are in your network?

    We have over 600 schools in our network across the nation including community colleges, four-year universities, and graduate institutions. Create a free account to log-in and see which schools are in our network. 

    How do I contact customer service?

    If you have additional questions or concerns, you can view our support page here or contact our Customer Service team by clicking here.