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  • Rome University of Fine Arts Joins Symplicity to Increase Engagement with Students and Alumni

Rome University of Fine Arts Joins Symplicity to Increase Engagement with Students and Alumni

Symplicity® Corporation, the global leader of student employability, wellbeing and success, today welcomed a new institution into its partnership network: Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA). Founded to develop young, artistic talent, RUFA is an international, multidisciplinary institution that provides students with an unconventional study in the arts. Enrolling 1,400 students studying painting, sculpture, graphic design, film, illustration, and much more, Symplicity is thrilled to offer its platform to support RUFA’s ongoing mission that combines university curriculum and professional training.

Prior to joining with Symplicity, RUFA had no platform to manage internship and career events. Yet, as the institution has continued to grow, RUFA realised in 2021 that it needed a solution to better support the institution’s future goals and that of its students. “We found Symplicity CSM to be an innovative and customisable solution that continues to grow with the changing landscape,” said Arch. Fabio Mongelli, Dean of RUFA. “The Symplicity team was extremely caring and available to adjust the platform to our very specific needs and processes, which made us decide to join its client network.”

RUFA has adopted Symplicity to keep records of internships, job offers, applications, events, and employer relations to better support its students. With its all-in-one-platform that is easily customisable, Symplicity was the right solution to meet RUFA’s growing needs.

With Symplicity, RUFA hopes to boost the employability of its students and offer valuable support for employment and continuous learning to its robust alumni. Recently launching RUFAlumni Community, the institution aims to use Symplicity to reconnect with its alumni to offer them opportunities to find new jobs, explore career paths, engage with the university, highlight work and experiences, and provide mentorship to current students. In addition, with its peer-to-peer mentorship program, new graduates are connected to experienced alumni who can provide advice and support.

“As an intentionally recognised institution that fosters young artists, we are thrilled to welcome RUFA into our Symplicity network that includes many art-focused schools around the world,” said Thomas Jepsen, President of International at Symplicity. “With Symplicity, RUFA can better support its current students, and alumni, with career readiness specific to their interest of study in the arts.”

About RUFA

Rome University of Fine Arts (RFUA), is a multidisciplinary, international higher education Institution – legally recognized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR) – that offers accredited and innovative courses in the field of Arts, Design, Visual Communication, Audiovisual, Fashion, Game, and Media Arts. RUFA collaborates with well-known professionals and prestigious companies, guaranteeing its students a high-level theoretical preparation combined with a practical academic approach, whilst keeping a keen eye on the job market and current market trends. Founded in 1998 by Maestro Alfio Mongelli to welcome young talents – from Italy and all around the world – in an unconventional Academy of Fine Arts, RUFA now offers 15 Bachelor and Master of Arts programs that cut new paths through the contemporary art and culture scenes, providing transformative education and tangible career opportunities.

About Symplicity

Symplicity® Corporation is a global leader in student employability and engagement software solutions to more than 2,000 colleges and universities. Symplicity's SaaS platform supports the full student experience, including early talent recruiting, accessibility, wellbeing and behavioral intervention. These solutions empower higher education clients to enhance a student's ability to stay in school, graduate and secure a first job. Learn more at www.symplicity.com.

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