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  • Symplicity Celebrates a Year of Growth with 170 New University Partners Globally

Symplicity Celebrates a Year of Growth with 170 New University Partners Globally

Symplicity®, the trusted global leader in student success in higher education, is pleased to announce the addition of 170 new university clients in 2023. This marks another successful year for Symplicity expanding its network to help students find future careers, receive the right accommodations, and ensure safety and wellbeing.

In the last few years, there has been increased effort for institutions to showcase the return on investment for a degree, and in response, institutions are increasing their investment in career services. For many, that has meant upgrading technology and working with Symplicity CSM™ and CareerHub® Central™ to better support student career readiness initiatives. In 2023, Symplicity welcomed many leading university career centers, including Carnegie Mellon University, Calbright College, Anne Arundel Community College, Morehouse College of Medicine, University of Louisville, University of Washington College of Education, University of Manchester, United Arab Emirates University and Universidad Del Valle De Guatemala, just to name a few.

All of these institutions can use real-time student data to help identify where students are getting jobs and honing career readiness skills, host career fairs and more to ensure all students are prepared for their future careers and the ever-changing job market. Symplicity ensures that institutions own their data, can customize their system to be tailored to their institution and yield strong career outcomes for their students. 

Students today are also seeking better support for mental health and safety. To ensure that safety, wellbeing, and mental health are supported, institutions are increasingly adopting Symplicity Advocate™ which supports Title IX changes, counseling services, CARE programs, and wellbeing resources for students in need, providing the right intervention at the right time in the most efficient and compassionate manner. Institutions such as the University of Manchester, the Cambridge University, American College of Greece, Queensland University of Technology, Leeds Trinity University, Lancaster University, Grand Canyon University, South Texas College and Clayton State University have adopted Symplicity to ensure that their students feel cared for, safe and confident.

Additionally, with roughly 20 percent of all college students requesting accommodations, Symplicity Accommodate™ helps institutions ensure that all students get the right support to be successful on – and – off campus. Symplicity's reporting capabilities enable universities to track and report on the growing demand for accommodations, helping to advocate for increased resources and support. In 2023, Symplicity welcomed many new university clients, including Morehouse College, University of Michigan, Swarthmore College, Howard University, City Colleges of New York and University of Manchester. With Symplicity Accommodate, these institutions are taking proactive measures to make students' lives easier as they navigate success in higher education.

"Across our products, we continue to be a steadfast partner with our institutions. When students and our higher education clients succeed, so do we," said President and CEO Matthew Small. "No matter the size of the institution, Symplicity works with universities to optimize workflows that make students' and staff's lives easier, while having a fully flexible system."

About Symplicity
Symplicity® is the global leader in student employability and engagement software solutions to more than 2,000 colleges and universities. The company's SaaS platform supports the full student experience, including early talent recruiting, accessibility, wellness, and behavioral intervention. These solutions empower higher education clients to enhance a student's ability to stay in school, graduate and secure their first job. Learn more at www.symplicity.com.