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  • Symplicity Launches a Streamlined, Integrated Approach to Student Success with Symplicity One

Symplicity Launches a Streamlined, Integrated Approach to Student Success with Symplicity One


Symplicity, the global leader in student employability and university success, is elated to announce today its first all-in-one student services integration offering to higher education institutions everywhere with Symplicity One™.

Designed to support an institution-wide approach to student success, Symplicity One breaks down the departmental silos that are often the barriers to offering a fully holistic student experience. Symplicity One brings together Symplicity’s standout products for career services, student conduct, and disability services offices that have supported student services for more than 20 years—and other technology providers in business intelligence (BI), student information systems (SIS,) and analytics—all under one integrated platform.

Fully customizable to support mission-critical initiatives like skills development and mapping, experiential learning programs, disability accommodations, and student safety, Symplicity One is built to increase student engagement and student outcomes, the most important measures of identifying success, according to a recent Symplicity client survey of nearly 600 clients.

According to 66 percent of Symplicity clients surveyed, lack of actionable data and limited technology are the greatest challenges higher education administrators currently face to providing a successful and complete student success plan. Symplicity One aims to solve these challenges and fill the data gaps—which have only widened within the last 12 months due to COVID-19 for some universities.

With Symplicity One, institutions can see a holistic picture of how they are impacting students and identify key student trends. If a student is exploring jobs and internships, but struggles with anxiety and a learning disability, Symplicity One can help administrators connect the dots at the career services office, the counseling office, and the disability services office to provide guidance and support all within one platform, efficiently building collaboration across campus.

“Symplicity One empowers universities to map every step of the student journey, from the day they set foot on campus to the day they graduate,” says Symplicity President and CEO Matthew Small. “We are proud to enable our clients to seamlessly communicate across departments, build strategic programming developed from real-time student data, proactively address student concerns, and create strategic long-term goals as higher education continues to navigate a post-COVID world.”

Find out more about Symplicity One here.


About Symplicity Corporation 

Symplicity is a global student experience company that provides smart platforms to more than 2,000 colleges and universities for managing all aspects of student life, including career services, student conduct, and accommodations. Symplicity empowers colleges and universities to increase student engagement and outcomes by creating an inclusive and supportive student experience that extends beyond graduation. Learn more at www.symplicity.com.


Victoria Chapa
Senior Director of Marketing and Communications