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  • Symplicity Supports State-Wide Student Success with Connecticut State Colleges and Universities

Symplicity Supports State-Wide Student Success with Connecticut State Colleges and Universities

ARLINGTON, Va., --- Symplicity, the trusted global leader in higher education student success, today announced its state-wide partnership with the Connecticut State Colleges and University (CSCU) system, bringing improved administrative operations to student conduct, Title IX, human resources, legal affairs, and disability services to CSCU's 12 community colleges, four universities, and the state's online college.

The partnership began in the summer of 2019 with the implementation of Symplicity® Accommodate™ for CSCU's disability services offices. Despite the challenges faced in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, CSCU's Accommodate platform is now operating across all CSCU campuses providing necessary workflows, accommodation requests, and support to students that has freed up time for staff to better interact with students directly. Accommodate has empowered CSCU schools with its all-in-one platform that provides requirement analysis and design all within a robust, inclusive system.

"Accommodate allows small offices to streamline the paperwork in a very efficient way so that it is possible to spend more one-on-one time helping our students with more in-depth communication and academic success," said Daneen Huddart, Learning Disabilities Specialist at Northwestern Connecticut Community College.

With the success of Accommodate's implementation, CSCU also wanted to improve its student conduct services and work has begun to implement Symplicity® Advocate™ for several campuses and at the system level. With Accommodate and Advocate, CSCU systems now have enhanced communication across various departments, and will be able to proactively identify trends and areas of improvement for both the disability services and student conduct departments. "We have a double benefit here; we are saving on implementation costs as we are standardizing our process and systems," said Senior Executive Director for Student Relations & Compliance Angelo Simoni.

"Our partnership with CSCU further emphasizes our company's goals around student success," said Symplicity President and CEO Matthew Small. "By utilizing Accommodate and Advocate at the state-wide level, CSCU is ensuring that student success remain at the forefront of university's mission to provide the most inclusive experience for all students."

About CSCU
With 85,000 enrolled students across 17 different campuses, Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) provide affordable, innovative, and rigorous programs for students to achieve their personal and career goals.

About Symplicity
Symplicity is a global student experience company that provides smart platforms to more than 2,000 colleges and universities for managing all aspects of student life, including career services, student conduct, and accommodations. Symplicity empowers colleges and universities to increase student engagement and outcomes by creating an inclusive and supportive student experience that extends beyond graduation. Learn more at www.symplicity.com.

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