Our Support Team

Dennis Kerwin

Dennis Kerwin joins Symplicity as a Solutions Engineer, with over eight years of experience in higher education primarily from large four-year institutions to small private ones. Dennis earned his Bachelor’s in public relations from the University of South Carolina and his Master’s in Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University. Dennis began his journey in higher education as a resident advisor at the University of South Carolina University where he enjoyed being able to support making things easier for professionals to better focus on students. Since then, Dennis has been a Hall Director at Eastern Michigan University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and most recently the Assistant Director of Academic Wellbeing at William & Mary. Having utilized Advocate in his previous roles in higher education, Dennis brings his enthusiasm and professionalism to support clients every day. When Dennis is not supporting clients, he enjoys spending his time with his dog Reggie who “runs my house and I just pays the bills” and going to Escape Rooms having completed over 250 of them and has a magnifying glass tattooed on his wrist!