Our Support Team

Teresa Hahn

Teresa Hahn serves as the CSM Law Career Services Client Manager/System Specialist. Teresa graduated with dual degrees in mathematics and education with a focus in computer science from Loyola University in Chicago. Joining Symplicity from law school career services, Teresa has been with Symplicity for over 15 years empowering law schools to maximize their system usage, manage on-campus interviews, track post-graduate employment, and everything in between. “It was my passion for serving students through education that brought me to career services,” Teresa says.

Teresa lives with lives in the South Bend, Indiana metropolitan area with her husband and fur baby. In her spare time, Teresa enjoys puzzles, loves to go golfing on the weekends in the summer, and tailgating at college football games in the fall. She’s the proud mom of four children and grandmother to four grand babies (of the human and furry kind).  Fun fact: Teresa’s high school religion teacher was Sister Nancy, the actor/comedian Bill Murray’s sister, and a comedian in her own right.