Residence™ is an affordable and easy-to-use software application that is cloud-based and is designed to streamline all areas of the housing management process.

Residence makes it easier for students and residential life staff to perform their daily housing related functions (including room selection, managing assignments, selection windows, room condition reports, inventory, invoicing, and more).

Core features

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Student Command Center

Students seem to use modern websites such as Facebook™ and Twitter™ more and more every day, and your housing system should be just as easy and intuitive. Read More...

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Online Applications

Go paperless by replacing print housing applications with easy-to-access online forms that all prospective residents may seamlessly complete and submit with a click. Read More...


Roommate Network

Residence takes the stress out of roommate matching. With integrated lifestyle surveys and a suite of social networking tools, students may connect with potential roommates before ever setting foot on campus, which may reduce conflict and create a sense of community. Read More...

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Smart Assignment Engine

Transform your room assignment process from one of the most time-intensive jobs of the year into an easy and straightforward task with Residence’s powerful matching algorithm, which ensures that the right students are paired with the right students in the right rooms. Read More...

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Placement and Meal Plan Management

Does it feel like you are trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube™ when changing a student’s room or meal plan? We make managing room placements and meals for residential living and conferences simple and straightforward! Read More...

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Room Conditions and Keys

Staying on top of all facets of residential living has never been easier with our tools for Residential Life staff to check students in, check students out, and track room conditions and keys on-the-fly. Read More...

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Student Directory

Why did a particular student switch rooms two years ago? Does he or she have conduct history? Any leadership or other notable involvement? Believe it or not, now you can see all relevant information, including key data from other Symplicity systems across the campus! Read More...

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Powerful Reporting

Our proprietary Reporting Engine generates ad hoc reports based on any data element in the system. Easily generate real-time custom queries on available inventory, room conditions, billing, and much more. Read More...

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Customization Tools

Every institution's housing operations are unique, and we recognize that administrators want to tailor their system’s interface to align with their precise vision. Knowing our customers’ desire for interface control, we provide ultimate customization and configuration capabilities. Read More...

Security and compliance

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Since our inception, Symplicity has maintained the confidentiality and privacy of millions of student records to support full compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Read More...

Powerful integration options

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Data Synchronization

Do you use ellucian™, Oracle™, Jenzabar™, or another enterprise platform? Symplicity’s dedicated Systems Integration Team delivers sophisticated integration with student information and financial systems via web services, sFTP, and other methods.

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Automated Billing

Does your institution work with a merchant service vendor such as TouchNet™, CyberSource™, Nelnet™, PayPal™,™, or CASHNet™ for credit card processing? Working with over 500 institutions for more than 15 years, Symplicity is PCI Compliant and has proven performance integrating with all merchant services providers.

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Calendar Integration

Symplicity provides full calendar integration via CalDAV, SyncML, and other methods to ensure room selection times, and other key events and start times synchronize with users' calendar applications and devices.

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Make your software even easier to use by integrating your portal with single sign-on or shared authentication. We support LDAP, CAS, Shibboleth, uPortal™, Luminis™, Active Directory™, and many other options.

Flexible pricing

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Whether you have 700 beds or 7000 beds, Residence™ pricing is throttled depending on the size and scope of your housing and residential life operations.

Because our pricing structure is based solely on the number of active residents, and there are no hidden costs, Residence™ is a smart decision for campuses of all types and sizes.

We’re here to help

Symplicity’s Residence support team is comprised of former higher education professionals with many years of experience in Housing Operations and Residential Life. We know how important great customer service is to our partners and have many easy ways to reach out to our friendly experts from the field.

Residence Support Resources

Have an Extranet Account?

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Symplicity Client Extranet:

The Symplicity Client Extranet is where clients can login to ask system related questions, report and track issues, and access documentation. It is the best and easiest way to connect with us!
Phone: 703-647-3141

*Note: Our client extranet is monitored 24 hours.
Email and Phone support available between 9am – 7pm Monday – Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does your system fully integrate with our Information System?

A: Absolutely! Residence supports full two-way data synchronization with university student information and financial systems using systems integration best practices and methods such as sFTP and/or web services-SOAP. Other integration methods are also available upon request based on the institution's preference.

Q: Is there online and telephone support available? Online self-help?

A: Symplicity provides technical support 24/7/365. Additionally, live online and telephone support is available between the hours of 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time. We also provide context sensitive online help, detailed user manuals, cheat sheets, and training videos at your fingertips through our client extranet!

Q: Is Symplicity focused on Housing and Residential Life?

A: Absolutely. The Residence Group is an autonomous organization within Symplicity that focuses solely on creating and managing systems to support Housing and Residential Life staff. Furthermore, Symplicity understands these unique needs and designs workflow and management information systems to align to Housing and Residential Life business processes and procedures.

Q: Do you conduct nightly backups? If so, to how many geographic locations?

A: Yes. Symplicity conducts nightly backups in two geographic locations on Symplicity's own server infrastructure. If anything happens to your data, you can rest assured that we have your back. You never need to worry about losing data.

Q: What is the process for training?

A: The Residence Group offers unlimited web-based and on-site training. Training sessions are conducted by former higher education professionals who have implemented Residence previously and have a deep understanding of the product's resident and administrative interfaces. Additionally, your office will have a dedicated Transition Specialist who concentrates on your unique processes and business practicies during the transition.

Q: Is the Roommmate Network included in the base system?

A: Yes.  In fact, all of the features listed on this website, with the exception of our Summer Conferencing add-on, are including in SaaS package for higher education customers. 

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