A unified solution for employee relations and conflict resolution

Human resources offices of higher education institutions have many unique challenges in addition to the traditional practices and responsibilities facing enterprise, government and non-profit HR teams. Federal Title IX and Clery reporting requirements apply equally to students and faculty, and the consequences of violating these regulations can be incredibly costly and damaging. Institutions need a method of monitoring HR-related concerns and meeting federal compliance requirements that consolidates all necessary information about employees and students into one core place.

Advocate GME by Symplicity organizes all communication, records and reporting capabilities into one cloud-based source that can be accessed by all entitled team members. Currently, over 400 higher education institutions rely on the Advocate GME system to ensure their staff is well-trained and doing all they can to delivery timely and accurate reporting.

Download our brochure to learn how your institution can use Advocate GME to help staff address any reports related to security or impropriety.

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