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Career services offices have what may sometimes feel like an overwhelming amount of responsibility, which, understandably, is often divided between many different team members. With so many intertwining aspects of career services, it’s easy for the workflows to become tangled and valuable time to be wasted as a consequence. An organized approach to career services is absolutely critical in ensuring that maximum efficiency and efficacy are being achieved; all pertinent data, communications and tasks should be consolidated into one core place rather than scattered between countless various programs and documents.In any career services office, it is paramount that each team member is operating from the same central starting point.

CSM by Symplicity is the solution for implementing this level of synchronization between team members by connecting all career services staff members to one database. On the student interface side, CSM’s offerings are invaluable for students wishing to optimize their chances of success. CSM offers students access to a network of 400,000 active employers that includes 89% of Fortune 100 companies.

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