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An organized, efficient way of tracking conduct, mental health and liability-related concerns is pivotal to a university’s ability to protect both its students and its reputation. During their time at college, roughly 43% of women will report dating violence, 19% of women and 6% of men will be sexually assaulted, and 13% of women will report being stalked. College students are also one of the most at-risk demographics for developing drug and alcohol problems.

While preventing issues like this should be an institution’s first priority, compliance with federal requirements should be a close second. Any federally-funded educational institution must comply with Title IX requirements and guidelines for federal reporting. Institutions need a method of monitoring concerns and maintaining compliance with federal requirements that consolidates all necessary information and communication into one core place.

Advocate by Symplicity organizes all communication, records and reporting capabilities into one cloud-based source that can be accessed by an unlimited number of team members. Various parts of the case management process can be routed to specific team members to ensure a smooth and organized workflow, and Advocate will suggest “next steps” along the way.

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