Amendments to Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act and What it Means for Federal Contractors

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) monitors compliance with Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act, including the amendments that became effective March 24, 2014. Failure to comply with the Rehabilitation Act can result in a number of serious penalties, including delay or withholding of payments, termination of contracts, and debarment—a loss of eligibility to participate in federally funded programs.

Best practices to ensure compliance include the following:

  • Ensure that compliance with disability regulations is assigned to a specific individual who takes responsibility for overseeing the program
  • Publish and train on company policies related to recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees with disabilities
  • Select digital platforms capable of permitting employees to self-identify as disabled
  • Use centralized electronic records platforms capable of producing comprehensive reporting on-demand

Download our white paper to learn about some of these changes and what your organization can do to remain compliant.

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