By Alana Ripy in posted: Oct, 15th 2018

Advocate By The Numbers

For over 20 years, Symplicity has been the market standard for higher education technology solutions. Our student conduct platform, Advocate, is used by more than 350 clients worldwide and is the industry’s most trusted solution for managing student conduct, Title IX, and behavioral intervention management. The numbers say it all… 350+ Clients 115,500+ Reports 3,360,000+ […]

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By Alana Ripy in posted: Sep, 12th 2018

Accommodate: Results By The Numbers

Symplicity Accommodate helps higher education institutions modernize their accommodation request process with a fully-ADA compliant interface that allows students to submit all types of accommodation requests online and empowers staff to eliminate endless manual processes by approving all accommodation requests in real-time. Institutions using Accommodate saw the following results in 2017: 25% return on investment […]

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By Alana Ripy in posted: May, 23rd 2018

Working with Databases, Reports, Dashboard, and Infographics: Lessons from Georgia Tech

In this increasingly data-driven age, university career centers must rely on data and metrics to assess and evaluate all our activities and actions (NACE, 2015). For career services professionals in higher education, learning the proper skills to organize, sort, interpret, analyze, and present their data is crucial to apply evidence-based decision making and create a […]

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By Alana Ripy in posted: May, 23rd 2018

Students at Brooklyn College Love Symplicity

Students at Brooklyn College are actively using Symplicity to apply to jobs, build connections with employers, and search for career-related events on campus. “From a student standpoint, it’s awesome because it interconnects everyone,” Diana Ramsook, an undergraduate student, said. “You have genuine employers reaching out to you and you’re able to apply with them directly, […]

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By Alana Ripy in posted: May, 21st 2018

Brooklyn College Partners with Symplicity

At Brooklyn College’s Magner Career Center, helping students prepare themselves for the workforce is its primary goal. By partnering with Symplicity and using its CSM system, the Magner Center has been able to communicate more effectively with students and engage them in career development activities. Watch their story below.

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By Alana Ripy in posted: Mar, 19th 2018

CSM by the Numbers

There’s a reason CSM by Symplicity has remained the market leader for so long, with the largest market share — 1,300 career centers worldwide (compared to Handshake’s self-reported 400+) and hundreds of thousands of active employers use Symplicity to connect students and recruiters. CSM by Symplicity is the industry standard because of its robustness and […]

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By Alana Ripy in posted: Feb, 7th 2018

TEF’ing It Out

At last, the results of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) have arrived. They have been known to individual institutions a few days before they were revealed to the rest of the world at 12.01am Thursday June 22nd. Once the headlines about some Russell Group Universities getting Bronze and further education colleges getting gold dies down, […]

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By Alana Ripy in posted: Jan, 26th 2018

Automate, simplify, and track the delivery of accommodations

To thrive as an institution of higher education, a school must be cognizant of and respectful towards the special needs of its students. Furthermore, federally funded schools in the United States are required to comply with accessibility guidelines per the Americans with Disabilities Act or face paying fines up to $75,000 for the first violation. […]

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By Alana Ripy in posted: Jan, 23rd 2018

Promoting Symplicity to Your Students

CSM by Symplicity is the most comprehensive job platform for higher education institutions, but are your students aware of its full potential? Download our promotional brochure to let your students know how they can best use your CSM platform.    

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By Alana Ripy in posted: Oct, 25th 2017

Customizing your CSM system: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Our webinar with Beth Chancy, Assistant Director in the Office of Alumni and Career Services, highlights how Richmond University customized its system to maximize efficiency in the office and empower staff members to provide top-notch career services. Additional Resources Customizing your CSM system: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices (PDF)

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