At Symplicity, we know that universal access is fundamental to student success. We are committed to building products that are compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

We start by making sure that the designers and engineers who build our user experience have the training and tools to live up to this commitment. Then, we perform manual and automated accessibility evaluation during our design, development, and quality assurance processes. When we learn of an accessibility problem, we prioritize the issue to ensure a timely response. We keep updated VPATs and Accessibility Statements to document our level of compliance. Finally, we keep up with the latest in the universal design movement and continuously improve our tools and expertise.

Accessibility Statements

For more detailed information about the accessibility of Symplicity products, we provide the following accessibility statements.

Access: staff member experience

Advocate: staff member experience

Advocate: student user experience

Career Services Manager: student, faculty, and employer experience

Career Services Manager: staff member experience