How CSM Expanded Opportunities for the University of Oklahoma’s College of Law Students


For over 10 years, the University of Oklahoma’s (OU) College of Law has been utilizing Symplicity CSM to help its students find well-placed internships and jobs at law firms throughout the duration of a student’s law school lifecycle. As COVID-19 took hold of the globe, OU College of Law had to find ways to swiftly move from in-person advising, planning, and in-person events all to virtual settings. With the support of Symplicity and its reporting tools, OU College of Law has been able to succeed in better serving their students with virtual career fairs and student engagement reporting.


  • Utilizing Virtual Career Fair has delivered opportunities from around the country to OU College of Law students.
  • Symplicity’s support team helped OU College of Law host a successful virtual career fair with over 100 attendees
  • Having all the tools and support in one place has enabled the career services office to increase student engagement by 300%

Virtual Career Fairs Expand OU Reach

At OU College of Law, virtual career fair offerings have been a gamechanger in opening up opportunities for law students. The physical constraints of booths, capacity limits, and the cost of employers to travel to on-campus fairs prevented law firms across state lines from coming to OU. Just in time for the fall recruiting season, Symplicity CSM launched its Virtual Career Fair module. For OU College of Law, being able to host a virtual career fair has broadened the opportunities and the network for its law students. This prompted more student attendance at the fair with over 100 students attending the event excited about the opportunity to see law firms from across the country that an in-person career fair would have traditionally halted.

“Virtual Career Fair has allowed for more law firms to be able to recruit our students and expanded the opportunities we can provide… With a virtual career fair and virtual OCI offerings, we can provide additional opportunities for our students to connect with more employers”

Kayla Doiron
Associate Director of Career Development, University of Oklahoma College of Law

Increased Student and Employer Engagement

Utilizing Symplicity CSM has enabled OU College of Law career services to pinpoint which students they are engaging with. Since August, career services has used CSM’s counseling feature to meet with all the students they previously had not met with one-on-one by utilizing video chatting services and e-mails all within one system. With just three staff members at the OU College of Law managing over 500 students, Symplicity CSM has enabled the staff to manage workflows and help them see who they needed to reach out to. Additionally, the reporting made available in virtual career fairs has enabled the College of Law’s career services staff to accurately track student and employer engagement. Instead of only knowing, with in-person career fairs, how many employers attended, staff now can see how many students attended the fair, which employers a student connected with, and the minutes of engagement each student had with an employer. This has not only made student engagement easier, but also enabled the team to report to the dean and supervisors. At its most recent virtual career fair, OU’s College of Law recorded over 1,700 minutes of video interaction, all within one platform.

Support During Unprecedented Times

In order to successfully run its first virtual career fair, OU College of Law needed support. Rather than opting to go to a different vendor for virtual career fair support, OU College of Law utilized Symplicity Virtual Career Fair module which was delivered before the fall semester began. With 24/7 support and by utilizing sample templates to communicate with students and employers, OU College of Law was able to onboard its staff and students on how a virtual career fair would run and how to best connect with employers during the virtual event.

Quick Facts

  • Symplicity User Since: 2009
  • Location: Norman, Oklahoma
  • Student Enrollment: 500
“All of the notifications sent out by Symplicity (emails, PDF's, and videos) helped immensely... If I had any questions I couldn't find answers through the help center, I could pick up the phone and have an answer quickly."


Kayla Doiron
Associate Director of Career Development, University of Oklahoma College of Law

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