Great Oaks Charter School Uses OneStop to Boost the Number of Applications for AmeriCorps Positions

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Great Oaks is a small network of charter schools dedicated to preparing students for college success through high-intensity tutoring. Across the entire organization, Great Oaks has 270 AmeriCorps positions that it hires for on an annual basis. The school was interested in targeting recent graduates and college seniors for these open positions. Therefore, it needed a college job posting board that would maximize the recruiting process and target as many students and universities as possible.

“OneStop is great! It gets your jobs in front of a lot of people and lots of different schools quickly.”

Melissa Frank,
Director of Talent Recruitment


Great Oaks began using OneStop in 2015 to recruit upcoming and recent graduates for its AmeriCorps positions. The organization was looking for candidates who were willing to dedicate their time and skills to serve for an entire school year. Specifically, it was interested in reaching as many students and schools as possible to fill its 270 open positions. Melissa Frank, Director of Talent Recruitment, and her staff of five employees used OneStop to post jobs to hundreds of schools across the country. The staff saved a considerable amount of time in their recruiting efforts because OneStop allowed them to reach a larger volume of students than ever before. “The big draw for OneStop is the ability to post to multiple schools in one shot,” Melissa says. “It takes me a matter of minutes to post to 450–500 schools.”


Since using OneStop, Great Oaks has experienced a significant increase in applications from recent graduates and college seniors. According to Melissa, every time she posts a job to OneStop the organization will see a boost in candidates the following day. The platform also allows them to reach a larger number of candidates in a much quicker timeframe. By posting jobs through OneStop, the organization is able to attract hundreds of upcoming and recent graduates to their open positions. “You become very visible,” Melissa says. “The more you post, the more you end up on top.” Last year, Greater Oaks had over 3,000 applications come through OneStop for its 270 AmeriCorps positions.

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“The biggest draw with OneStop is the time it takes to post and the volume of candidates we get.”

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