How Colombian Universities Are Providing a “Return on Education”

Universities in Colombia often have several branches across the country, and to develop a synergy between them is a difficult task. Some universities have nearly 200k current students at one given time. These are not only on-campus students, but students taking classes virtually, so participation, interactivity and motivation is something that universities are increasingly striving for, not only from an academic point of view, but from an employability stance, too.

Employability is key, and it's an increasing reason why students choose a university. It is what we call a “Return on Education," and for students, it means, “What do I get out of going to this particular university? Is it worth the money and time investment?”

These questions are keeping universities across the world, not just in Colombia & Latin America, awake at night. Employment can come in many shapes and sizes, from full-time employment, to internships, to providing students with the skills and tools to set up their own businesses and become entrepreneurs. Universities need to be able to have the resources to support students wanting to go into any one of those strands.

Here at Symplicity, we have found that offering workshops and assessments of the institution’s needs and ambitions is becoming not only popular, but necessary to set the basis for an agile, sustainable and data-driven institution-wide employability solution. Through this solution, institutions can integrate and align with other platforms used and support overall IT governance.


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