The Retirement of the DLHE Survey: Conversations Need to Start Happening

In light of the upcoming retirement of the DLHE survey in favour of the Graduate Outcomes Survey, all eyes and ears are focused on what’s next. In a recent article, Naomi Oosman-Watts, Assistant Director, Careers Service at Newcastle University offered recommendations for a new model of working.

Our latest whitepaper supports the article’s recommendations, arguing that as the need for data grows across different metrics, universities will have to come to terms with the need for institution-wide systems that can support, develop and measure employability both before, during and, now, well after graduation.

Conversations need to start happening, says Oosman-Watts: "It may be time to gather a few key people and make them happen.” At Symplicity, our 20 years of experience has shown us that change within the career centre must be an institution-wide strategy, not just siloed. Our institution-wide employability programme aims to do just that – support the career centre and institution as a whole to make employment an institution-wide issue. We are pleased to see that this strategy is recommended in a new OFFA-commissioned report, written by Professor Liz Thomas, which calls for a more sophisticated “whole institution approach” to widening participation in their access agreements. The commissioned report will look to offer a practical guide to support institutions in developing, sustaining and providing evidence for effective approaches.

In her article, Oosman-Watts goes on to state that “institutions can get a head start on the process by asking the right questions internally and ensuring they are as ready as possible for the survey when it arrives.” But, she warns that “future usability of the data set depends on maintaining high response rates and as institutions we are, in part, responsible for the success of this survey.” At Symplicity, we know that this requires an appropriate system to hold up-to-date contact details while also delivering employability support geared towards the needs of tomorrow on-demand, when and wherever students are. Our platform allows for effective engagement not just with students, but also alumni, providing a reason for them to continue to engage with the institution, particularly in the run up to the Graduate Outcome Survey fifteen months after graduation.

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