Symplicity Hosts Student Mental Health & the Career Services Center Panel: Webinar Recap & Resources for Higher Ed Professionals

On March 25th, Symplicity hosted four panelists from across the young adult mental health research and strategy spectrum, alongside dedicated higher education professionals for a discussion on student mental health and the role the career services center can have as part of holistic, campus-wide support model.

49FAC6DF-0A4B-4A33-B4E5-3E54E148AAABPanelists Suzie Baker, Leah Finch, LCMHC, MA, Elise Goss-Alexander, and Sasha Zhou navigated topics including the latest research and trends in mental health concerns for young adults, resources available to career services offices, and the unique needs for students with mental health concerns in the career journey. The panel also addressed the additional needs for marginalized and international students, how to implement a campus-wide student support model, and anticipated challenges due to the lasting effects for pandemic era college graduates and incoming students.

The mental health effects of COVID-19 will continue to play a role in how higher education professionals will need to support their students. Abundantly true for student services is the need for cross collaboration to support students at all levels. Symplicity hopes that this webinar and subsequent resources will encourage universities and career services offices to implement holistic approaches to support student wellbeing.


  • Suzie Baker, Senior Assistant Dean of Students and Director of the COVID-19 Student Care Hub, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • Leah Finch, LCMHC, MA, JED Campus Advisor, The Jed Foundation
  • Elise Goss-Alexander, Assistant Director of Student Employment, University of Denver
  • Sasha Zhou, Assistant Professor, Wayne State University; Co-investigator, Healthy Minds Network

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This piece was co-authored with Arielle Jordan.

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