HE Affordability Through Digital Transformation

College students today are having second thoughts when it comes to enrolling in a degree program. The recent trends in higher education are making degree programs less and less affordable for today’s college student. One reason for this is that tuition costs continue to rise at a rate higher than that of annual inflation. Another reason is because “nearly 45 million young Americans owe $1.5 trillion in student loans—a staggering sum unmatched in American history.” Colleges and universities are working harder than ever before to convince students of a college degree’s value.

Institutions are beginning to take strides in creating affordability for students by undertaking the process of digital transformation in support of "the growing popularity of cloud-first strategies [which] can reduce the need for campus-based IT expenses." Making IT advancements more affordable through simplification through the digital transformation is "working to unmake old practices and structures that have become inefficient and are preparing to use technology and data to better understand and support students and to become more student-centric."

Digital transformation must put the student front and center of the strategic vision. Institutions are collecting the necessary student information throughout their studies to efficiently provide the appropriate support and services. According to the EDUCAUSE Review, creating a student-services ecosystem is crucial for supporting "the entire student life cycle, from prospecting to enrollment, learning, job placement, alumni engagement, and continuing education." Therefore institutions who focus on being student-centric will see an increase in student engagement.

Symplicity UniHub is a student experience platform that is used to power digital transformation. UniHub’s power lies in its ability to connect students to activities and events in all areas across the institution and recommend the best experiences that help develop skills employers desire. We help institutions create a unified student experience and streamline reporting across offices with our enterprise system for events and activity management, experiential learning, advising management, and co-curricular reflection.

For those interested in learning more about UniHub, schedule a conversation with us or email info@symplicity.com.

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