COMING SOON! Symplicity Recruit Career Launch Awards

For many years, the Symplicity Recruit team has witnessed the success of our many clients through our platform. From improving outreach to increasing new hires, Symplicity Recruit  has experienced immense growth in the last few years with the addition of new employers into our network. These employers are now able to benefit from the connections they make with students, and the relationships they forge with career centers, to bring awareness to the early talent space about all the opportunities available to them. 




It’s because of this that we’re excited to announce the Symplicity Recruit Career Launch Awards – our way of recognizing all the hard work and dedication of some of our most esteemed clients. Our Career Launch Awards celebrate the exceptional achievements and accomplishments of our clients throughout their recruiting seasons and commemorate the beginning of what we hope becomes a long-lasting tradition at Symplicity. It’s our way of honoring those employers that have gone above and beyond in the early talent space while setting new benchmarks and inspiring others with their success stories. 

We will be announcing our first summer 2023 recipient soon. Stay tuned to our social media channels to learn who the first winner is!


About Symplicity Recruit

Symplicity Recruit is the premier early talent recruiting platform used by over 600,000 employers. Key features include centralized management of job postings across a network of over 600 academic institutions, a filterable resume database, and the ability to directly message students.


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