Strengthening Connections with CSM: The Universidad Católica del Maule Joins Symplicity Network

Symplicity® Corporation, a global leader in employability, well-being, and student success, is pleased to welcome the Universidad Católica del Maule into its global network for both of its campuses in Chile. In an effort to enhance the loyalty and engagement of students, graduates, and employers, the Universidad Católica del Maule has taken a bold step towards digital transformation.

"For Alumni UCM, it was crucial to seek a platform that went beyond the conventional function of a job portal,” said Mauro Rivera Insulza, Alumni Chief at UCM. The university needed a versatile tool that not only provided job opportunities but also addressed accreditation processes and facilitated tracking key topics in classes. The choice of CSM was based on the platform's ability to be a comprehensive solution that strengthens the connection between students, alumni, and employers. CSM empowers the fundamental pillars of feedback, employability, and engagement. The robust integration with the university's internal systems was a key factor that distinguished CSM from other solutions.

“The ability to achieve greater synergy and efficient systematization of information was a differentiating element that directly met the specific needs of UCM,” said Rivera. With its customization and various modules, UCM is able to tailor the system to fit its specific campus needs. With the internship module, UCM can provide better career readiness support to students to connect them early to the job market.

In adopting CSM, Universidad Católica del Maule can provide an effective solution to students, alumni, and employers. With a focus on the pillars of feedback, employability, and engagement, the university is heading towards a digital transformation that will strengthen its position as a cutting-edge educational center.

"We are very grateful for the trust that UCM has placed in Symplicity and our technologies,” said Juan Pablo Delacroix, Regional Vice President at Symplicity. With this project, UCM joins a prestigious list of universities globally that are transforming employability processes in line with current demands in the job market."

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About the Universidad Católica del Maule

With two strategically located campuses in Talca and Curicó, the Universidad Católica del Maule takes pride in being an educational cornerstone in the Maule Region. It belongs to the Association of Regional Universities of Chile, the G9 University Network, and the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities. Founded as a university on July 10, 1991, as a result of the decentralization process of the Pontifical Catholic University, it has deeper roots dating back to the 1950s when it was inaugurated as a normal school dedicated to teacher training.

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