The university boom in Spain and how to address the employability gap

Spain is experiencing a notable growth in the number of private universities, reflecting a booming educational trend. However, this expansion brings with it a significant challenge: the disconnect between the degrees offered and the needs of the labour market. Let's analyse this issue and how Symplicity CSM can be the solution universities need.

The Disconnect Between Educational Offerings and the Labour Market In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of private universities in Spain, many of which focus on offering degrees in social sciences and humanities. While these disciplines are important, there is a growing concern about their alignment with labour market demands. The proliferation of these programmes can result in an excess of graduates in areas where employment opportunities are limited, exacerbating the employability gap.

Symplicity CSM: Educational Innovation and Employability

This is where Symplicity CSM comes into play, designed specifically to help universities bridge this gap. Below are some of its key features:

  • Skills Gap Analysis and Job Recommendations: Our software identifies the skills students are acquiring and then recommends job offers by comparing these skills with those demanded by the labour market. This allows universities to adjust their curricula to better align with current needs.
  • Connection with Relevant Internships and Jobs: We facilitate the connection between students and internship or job opportunities relevant to their fields of study. This way, students can gain practical experience and improve their post-graduation employment prospects.
  • Personalised Guidance: We provide students with personalised guidance based on their interests and skills, helping them make informed decisions about their professional future.
  • Connection Between Current Students and Graduates: We offer a mentoring module where current students can seek and contact graduates based on the courses they studied or their career preferences.
  • Mock Interview Practice: We offer a virtual space where students can practice interviews at any time via video and receive feedback from the university.
  • Skill Acquisition Pathways: We offer the possibility of defining pathways with personalised activities for each student. This module even facilitates the scalability of the career services.
  • Management of Internship Agreements: Complete automation for the generation of contracts between companies and the university and internship agreements.
  • Management of Workshops and Virtual Fairs: Complete management of both in-person and virtual events to connect students with companies and support them in acquiring new skills.

Focus on Results: Success Stories

Although our platform is in the process of being introduced to the Spanish market, we already have success stories in 37 countries that demonstrate the effectiveness of our solution. For example:

  • Jesuit University of Guadalajara in Mexico: "Symplicity CSM is an automated and agile system for publishing job and internship offers, as well as providing an access and consultation system for organisations. Thanks to this, ITESO has achieved a 90% employability rate among its graduates." – Joel Alquilar, Head of Internships.
  • University of Limerick in Ireland: "Symplicity CSM unified several systems in our institution and significantly improved the student experience. We were looking for an established provider knowledgeable about the sector, and Symplicity exceeded our expectations. Customer service is excellent, and our students have reported very high satisfaction rates with the platform." – Gavin Connell, Head of Careers.
  • Bocconi University in Italy: "The ability of Symplicity CSM to organise virtual fairs quickly and easily has been a great help. The knowledge and support of the Symplicity team are fundamental to our success." – Alessio Cardinale, Coordinator of Processes and Internships.
  • Cranfield University in the United Kingdom: "The best thing about Symplicity CSM is that it allows interaction with various relevant actors in student employability, including not only students and companies but also the faculty." – Penny Pickering, Head of Careers.

In conclusion, while Spain celebrates the rise of its private universities, it is crucial to address the employability gap that threatens to undermine the benefits of this expansion. Symplicity CSM offers a comprehensive solution so that universities can ensure their graduates are well-prepared for the labour market.

As we continue to develop and adapt our technology, we are committed to supporting educational institutions in their mission to provide education that truly leads to meaningful professional opportunities.

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