Ensuring fairness in student misconduct investigations

A university’s best assets are its students. Looking after the welfare of students is key, so, when things go wrong universities need to make sure investigations are conducted professionally and fairly. Numerous students each year are the subject of, or part of non-academic misconduct investigations. Too many of these investigations are conducted by untrained staff with limited support. This reality is unfair on both those being investigated, and those staff tasked with conducting investigations.

Look at it this way, if something goes wrong with the lighting in the lecture theatre, a university would bring in the maintenance staff specifically trained in minor electrical faults, or if the matter were beyond their capability, they would call in a professional electrician. Universities would not ask an untrained staff member to fix the problem simply based on their position at the university.

Similarly, non-academic misconduct investigations are no place for enthusiastic amateurs. Untrained staff tasked with investigations may try their best but lack the knowledge and understanding of the psychological principles affecting them and the relevant parties involved.

Intersol Global are passionate about fair and ethical non-academic misconduct investigations, in which all students involved are treated equally. We work to be a guide for those staff tasked with investigating to be equipped to conduct that role professionally and courteously. We drive professionalism in investigations, through training those staff and guiding them in the practical application of that training.

Investigations are all about people. The regulated investigation training developed by Intersol Global and delivered across the HE sector reduces the negative impact of investigations, by ensuring that investigators are professionally trained in how to interact with those involved and that outcomes are fair and in line with natural justice. 

We strive to ensure that investigator’s conduct does not have a negative impact on student’s lives and careers. 
When investigations are high stakes, such as investigations into sexual misconduct, we have a team of thirty specialist investigators to conduct investigations on behalf of our growing client base in Higher Education. These external impartial investigations are conducted using the Symplicity Advocate case management system ensuring that our client’s data is secure and only accessed by investigators working on the specific cases and clients have access to view the progress of the case.

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