Getting Started

Welcome to Symplicity’s Developer Experience. Symplicity, the leading employability platform serving students and employees, announced the launch of Symplicity® Radius™, a new cloud-based supported integration layer designed to connect Student Conduct and Title IX offices to other campus departments, as well as to other professional development solutions used by students, employees and conduct offices. By leveraging a series of REST APIs essential to student conduct, Symplicity makes it easy for colleges and universities to integrate solutions such as incident reporting, student behavioral intervention tracking, Title IX case processing and more. Your Student Conduct Office, Human Resources or Title IX offices at your institution has most likely contacted you to help connect them to some other platform on campus. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions before jumping into the documentation to get started. We’ll be posting some tutorials as well, so check back soon!

A Brief Intro to Advocate and Advocate GME

Symplicity’s Advocate and Advocate GME (Grievance Management Edition) is the platform your institution uses to manage student and employee conduct, student behavioral intervention, and Title IX cases. Some of the things that Advocate and Advocate GME does to help your Student Conduct, Human Resources, and Title IX Offices are:

  • Manage the workflow and tracking of Student/Employee Conduct cases
  • Manage the workflow and tracking of reports of student/employee behavioral concerns
  • Manage the workflow and tracking of Title IX cases
  • Allow for schedule and calendar integration for ease of meeting scheduling
  • Provide instant communication to necessary parties
  • Manage outcomes of cases and timeliness of resolution
  • Manage Federal Reporting data
  • And much, much, more.

While you are completing your task that has been asked of you by your Student Conduct, Human Resources and/or Title IX offices, if you think of another platform that you could connect to on campus, tell your contact! You may be able to do it yourself, or Symplicity may be willing to partner with the company that has built that platform. Our end goal is to provide staff an easy solution for tracking these issues to allow more time for interaction with students and employees. By connecting Advocate and Advocate GME to other platforms in the higher education ecosystem, we can help them find that perfect balance.