4 Ins & Outs in Preparing for Hybrid Recruiting This Fall

Prior to the pandemic, recruiters made a list of the university career fairs they’d attend in person and depend on a handful of schools to fill positions. Yet the pandemic has changed all that with last year recruiting efforts turning to zoom and virtual career fairs. As the 2021 school year starts, some in-person fairs are coming back, but the recruiting landscape won’t return back to its brick-and-mortar past. Instead, the virtual recruiting world isn’t going away and the recruiting landscape will forever now include a virtual and in-person component. Virtual recruiting has expanded the geographic reach of a company’s recruiting efforts by reducing hiring costs, speed up time to hire, enhance candidate experience, and breaking down barriers to a broader talent pool regardless of physical location. So how can recruiters plan for a hybrid recruiting season, even during uncertainty?

Identify Talent Needs

Whatever your goals are for recruiting, take your time to assess your needs and review your open job descriptions to ensure that language doesn’t include unconscious bias. Then identify your talent profile to know what type of candidates you are looking for, keeping in mind intricacies of each team’s culture and fit within the company.

Hire Outside of the Traditional

 No longer bogged down geographic location, companies can now actively recruit at schools they may have traditionally overlooked such as HBCUs, Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities, or community colleges. With hybrid recruiting, companies can continue to maintain campus relationships with universities that have been successful, but they can also expand their reach to schools that were previously a prohibitive cost.

Company Branding

Hybrid recruiting means that companies are having to compete even more for talent not only in-person, but virtually too. Ensuring your company branding is synced across your various recruiting efforts will let your company stand out from the crowd and stay on top of students’ minds.

Fill in the Gaps with Technology

Utilizing AI-based technology to enhance your recruiting efforts isn’t only smart, it’s time efficient. With Symplicity Recruit, companies can leverage technology to fill in additional recruiting needs that aren’t met by career fairs. Symplicity Recruit enables companies to directly connect with the right candidates no matter the size of your business – whether you’re a Fortune 500 Company, or a small business looking to foster new talent..

With 1.4M+ students being reached every day, Symplicity Recruit empowers employers to find the right candidate on their own terms and adapt to the changing employment landscape. On Recruit, companies can build a path towards positive outcomes to increase connections with students by building trust, enhancing company branding, integrated workflows to control what jobs and employers come in, increase the number of employers and opportunities, and, finally, enhance the recruiting experience for everyone.

Symplicity Recruit is the place to discover, connect and engage with entry level talent. With our exclusive network of institutions and over 4 million active candidates, we help employers stay connected to top applicants by enabling them to create and post openings directly onto school job portals or set up campaigns to have qualified talent delivered directly to recruiters and hiring managers. Want to learn more? Sign up to create your own Symplicity Recruit account, or e-mail us at info@symplicity.com.

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