4 Symplicity Recruit Features You Should Know About in 2022

Every recruiter knows that recruiting season is one of the most stressful times of the year. Searching for best-fit early talent is a challenging task. Despite the fact that recruiters spend less than 10 seconds reading a resume, it takes them days to look through long lists of candidates and decide on which ones they want to pursue. A platform like Recruit alleviates some of the most tedious aspects of recruiting by allowing the recruiter to focus on engagement instead of screening. 

Here are 4 Symplicity Recruit features we are most excited about.

Global Search

The minute an entry-level position opens up, it’s go time for a recruiter. Recruiting styles vary – some recruiters passively recruit for talent, while others engage in proactive recruiting with Global Search. As implied by the name, Global Search is a resume database that over 500K career-ready students using Symplicity at their schools have opted-in to. 

The Global Search feature allows you to personalize your candidate search through filters. Instead of pouring over thousands of resumes at random, you can customize your search by things like location, major, or other specific keywords. Once you have found the right candidate, you can directly invite the student to apply for a position. 

Recommended Candidates

If you’re looking to expedite the process of screening and go straight to finding best-fit talent quickly, then you’ll want to use Recommended Candidates. With Recommended Candidates, you can leverage our AI and machine learning to automate the entire process and engage with early talent that much faster. 

Here’s how it works. Once you create a job posting, our AI will screen for candidates that match what you’re looking for in the position. Within minutes, you’ll receive a notification from us alerting you to the recommended candidates ready for review. This feature will provide you with rank-ordered candidates based on match percentage and access to their profiles and resumes. Quickly review all the matches with fast-flip navigation and send personalized messages to the candidates you want to invite to apply.

Recommended Candidates screenshot-1


Smart Invites

Similar to Recommended Candidates, Smart Invites facilitates the recruiting process by prompting students looking for similar jobs to your posting to apply for the position you’re advertising. 

By focusing on key elements of your job post like location, job type, and industry, our system creates an automated proactive outreach to students searching for similar positions to your posting. With our targeted approach, Smart Invites has proven to be successful among career-ready students with an average 70% email open rate.


Analytics Dashboard

Every recruiter wants to measure their ROI and success rates during recruiting season. That’s exactly what the Analytics Dashboard is there for. Recruit focuses on the relationship between employers and the various higher-ed institutions available on our platform. The more schools you’re connected to, the more likely you are to find best-fit talent among the sea of active students ready for a career. 

The Analytics Dashboard allows you to view a leaderboard of your top-connected schools ranked by the student engagement score at each one. Moreover, our system will recommend other schools to connect with if you are looking to expand.

Final Takeaway

The end goal during recruiting season is to connect with students in the most efficient way. By utilizing these tools, recruiters can make the most of their time and focus on engaging, interviewing, and hiring active qualified candidates without extra hassle. Stay tuned for more Recruit updates in 2023!

More About Recruit

Symplicity Recruit is the premier early talent recruiting platform used by over 600,000 employers. Key features include centralized management of job postings across a network of over 600 academic institutions, a filterable resume database, and the ability to directly message students.  Contact us to learn more.

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