4 Tips to Preparing for Your Virtual Career Fair

You’ve prepped for weeks, and now you’re one week away from hosting your first 2021 virtual fall career fair! So what’s next? Here’s a checklist to to ensure your career fair goes off without a hitch!

1. Stable Internet Connection

We know it goes without saying, but make sure you and your staff have a stable internet connection. Even more than a year and a half into the pandemic, it’s still critical to keep this in mind. There’s nothing worse than your internet going down unexpectedly under the stress of starting a fair. 

2. Employee Information

Before the fair, make sure you approve any last-minute employer registration requests and any last-minute employer representative changes, as these need to be approved before they can have access. Additionally, run a report of employer registrations before the fair to make sure all employers have provided video meeting information links (i.e Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.) and then email any employers still missing information.

3. Set Up a Virtual Meeting Link for Students

Inevitably someone won’t have read an e-mail or generally have a question on the day of. To ensure that your students and employers are supported, add a virtual meeting link for your career office so students can contact you during the fair. Adding your meeting link or contact information to the “help and information” field in your Events Settings on Symplicity is easy and will save you a lot of headache.

4. Send Email Reminders the Day Before and Day of the Fair

When it comes to virtual career fairs, there’s no way to be too prepared. Within Symplicity CSM you can easily send emails directly from the platform to both employers and students from how to use the platform, helpful preparation tips, the contact information to reach your office during the fair, and basic information about the fair. Employers will have access to the platform 60 minutes prior to the fair to review students they want to meet with and start engaging with them.

Symplicity’s Virtual Career Fair comes with universal video capability and analytics, enabling universities to empower students and employers with a modern, fully virtual platform for students to find opportunities and for universities to continue the career readiness experience—whether a campus is open, hybrid, or fully online.  

For more information about virtualizing student services, email info@symplicity.com or schedule a conversation

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