Change the Course Report Australia - Webinar Highlights

If we polled higher education staff members, how many do you think would be confident that most universities are assuring a consistent response to sexual assault and harassment complaints?

The "Change the Course” national report on sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian universities found "More than half of all university students were sexually harassed on at least one occasion last year”. Universities are now actively working on the nine recommendations of the report.

Recently, Symplicity Corporation hosted representatives from universities across Australia and New Zealand for a webinar to hear Jacques Zalma speak about “Implementing a Holistic Approach to Student Misconduct and Sexual Violence at the University of California”.

We polled the webinar group on how universities are doing in assuring a consistent response to complaints of sexual assault or harassment. The group's response:

  • "Most universities are assuring a consistent response." - 0%
  • "Only some universities are doing well." - 75%
  • "It’s something universities haven’t considered or implemented yet." - 25%

The webinar group included attendees from the University of Southern Queensland, the University of New South Wales, the University of Otago, Massey University, Bond University, and Victoria University of Wellington.

Based on his experience, Jacques Zalma from the University of California cited 4 key benefits in using a case management system like Symplicity Advocate. To find out about the key benefits watch the highlights of the webinar presentation here.

Watch the Highlights

Steve Watt is Vice President of Strategy for Symplicity International; Co-Founder of “Prospr”, a For-Purpose For-Profit Social Business joint venture with Save the Children; founder of EDT Partners APAC and is an experienced EDTech business leader who is passionate about growing businesses that do social good and in leading transformation within technology & education organisations for expansion and growth.

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