Higher Education's Role in a Changing Work Environment

There’s an ongoing discussion about what skills are needed now and in the future to excel in the workplace.  In higher education, we’re always trying hard to provide relevant experience for all fields.  Even with all the resources and advice provided to students, we still hear from employers about how they are not sufficiently prepared for current and future changes.  This is because the “working world” has changed, but the way students are guided has not.

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So, what’re employers expecting their graduates and new hires to do?

  • Learn quickly how the company is organized and work well under their structure
  • Understand company dynamics and complex structures
  • Have strong communications skills and effectively apply them to a wide range of stakeholders
  • Comprehend technology and easily implement it to advance the organization
  • Be able to work in diverse teams, in person and virtually, bringing their own expertise while recognizing and responding to potential opportunities
  • Maintain the same discipline it took for the new hire to get a degree
  • Think at an advanced level and explore new possibilities as markets change

Overall the company expects the new hire to add value to the company immediately.

Only in recent years have employers expected these abilities from new hires, not just tenured professionals.  Employers need as many of the above attributes as they can get from all new hires, not just from a few.

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Our client, Dianne F. Harrison wrote this article which goes into more details about what employers expect and the steps California State University, Northridge takes to prepare all students.

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