Symplicity CSM Introduces Pathways

The world's most powerful employability solution now includes a custom workflow module for defining career plans.

The Pathways module has been designed to boost student engagement, allow Career advisors to set up structured paths for student skill development, and easily measure the success of these plans.

Through conversations with our clients around the world, we have come across several employability awards that require students to complete a number of measurable steps before obtaining the award. We also found that other schools define concrete plans for students based on their academic programme/major or career preferences such as sectors, functional areas, and locations. The challenge in both of these cases is to be able to automate these plans and initiatives, reduce manual work and allowing the institution to easily measure their success. The Symplicity product team has designed a module to tackle these needs and enable institutions to create a plan for any segment of students. Plans are made up of steps, and within each step concrete activities can be defined.


These activities can be tied to standard CSM functionalities, such as events, advising appointments, or even ones that take place outside the system i.e. watching a video on YouTube. Once a student completes a step they are then able to advance to the next step and the career advisor is notified.

Some of the most commonly used cases of Pathways are for:

  • Targeted career plans
  • Custom workflows
  • Employability awards & certifications
  • Preparation checklists

The Pathways module can trigger communications and notifications to manager users, as well as auto assign user rights to students i.e. once a student attends a workshop, they can then request an advising appointment.


On the analytics side, institutions are able to easily obtain reports in a visual format on student pathway completion and measure the success of the initiative. In addition, analytics from pathways can be combined in a unique report with data from other areas of CSM.

If you would like to learn more, view our Pathways webinar and schedule a conversation.

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