Symplicity Earns MBA CSEA Badge of Approval


Symplicity is excited to announce that we’ve been endorsed by MBA CSEA for our impeccable standards in MBA career outcome reporting capabilities. The MBA version of our flagship product, CSM, includes a tool called Landed that collects career outcomes data in accordance with MBA CSEA standards. Within CSM, this data can then be aggregated into over 30 standardized report formats.

MBA CSEA (Career Services & Employer Alliance) was founded in 1994 to set official standards for the reporting of MBA employment data. The organization created a set of standards for the reporting of this data, and Symplicity is proud to announce that CSM’s capabilities meet all these requirements.

With CSM, you can feel confident in the knowledge that you’re gathering and reporting your career outcomes data with the highest level of accuracy and gleaning the most valuable insights possible from it.


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