Cross-Collaboration Improves Student Engagement

Higher education is becoming more competitive. Colleges and universities are finding new ways to provide more initiatives and programs in order to serve the growing population of students attending college. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the percentage of students with a bachelor’s and master’s degree has greatly increased in the last 17 years. Many higher education institutions have focused their efforts on student engagement as a way of providing a better overall student experience to draw more students to their institution.

Higher education institutions that drive student engagement have discovered several benefits such as improved retention, improved student achievement, and providing a sense of community for students. According to an article written by James Wiley, a principal analyst for the National Research Center for Colleges & University Admissions, delivering robust student engagement requires “an understanding that engagement crosses organizational boundaries” which means that “colleges and universities who want to enable student-centered engagement across the student life cycles and universities should recognize that they must bring together admissions, enrollment, student success, alumni, and other teams to ensure that they identify, coordinate and implement all engagement activities.” Therefore, an institution-wide strategy that allows several departments to collaborate is essential for connecting students to the programs they manage.

Symplicity UniHub provides the tools for collaboration across departments to help increase student engagement. UniHub is an institution-wide student engagement platform for managing events, appointments, and skill development activities. This solution creates a personalized student journey to ensure students make the most of the opportunities available to them. Additionally, UniHub provides the ability for staff to capture and measure student engagement across departments and initiatives. By providing a collaborative environment between teams and departments across the institution, students can benefit from a unified platform that provides a full view of student interactions at a university level.

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