CSM Blocks Over 600 Potentially Fraudulent Employers in a Month


In December, we announced that CSM was adding additional protection to make sure your students don’t fall into a fraudulent employment trap. One of these added features was aggregated community reports that allow schools to collaborate in warning other schools about suspicious job-posters. Another feature was “suggested next steps” that CSM will provide to users before they approve a job-poster so the user can determine whether an employer looks legitimate or not.

Since December alone, 825 reports of suspicious employers were submitted in CSM, and only 218 of those employers could be verified as legitimate. This means that CSM potentially stopped over 600 fraudulent job-posters who were trying to harm students by stealing their information.

When career professionals imagine one of their students falling into a fraudulent employment trap, many describe it as one of their worst nightmares. A situation like this is a huge threat to institutions not only because it hurts the student affected, but also because it can come with severe reputational damages if it turns into a news story.

With CSM and the safeguards we’ve added to the system to prevent this from happening to your students, your community can feel safer and more confident in your ability to stop fraudulent job-posters before they do any harm.

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