CSM Clients Top the List of Princeton Review Ranking

This month, the annual Princeton Review ranking of the Top 200 Best University Career Services from across the country was released, and Symplicity is thrilled that the list includes many Symplicity CSM clients!

Congratulations to all of our Symplicity CSM clients that made this nationally ranked list, specifically those that broke through the Top 20 on the list, which include Clemson, Southwestern University, Elon University, Northeastern University, University of Richmond, Randolf-Macon College, William & Mary, Florida State University, and many others.

As we’ve highlighted on our blog before, Symplicity CSM is poised to provide universities with unmatched client support to help career services professionals shift gears to completely digital offerings and help them successfully interact with their students. Despite the challenges, Symplicity and its partner universities are committed to ensuring that students continue to have equal opportunity in the job market.

Along with our unmatched customer support, our platform enables schools to measure and report on critical KPIs around student engagement and outcomes, streamline student and employer outreach, and run robust OCR and experiential learning programs. These values are core to our mission and drive our decision-making in everything we do— today and in the future.

With access to training webinars and helpful resources, all of our clients can have the confidence to host virtual career fairs and other virtual events with Symplicity CSM’s latest Virtual Career Fair module.

For Elon University (ranked no.4) planning a virtual fall semester was made easier with the support of Symplicity as Kristin Walker, Associate Director, Employer Experience and Technology, told Symplicity back in July:

We were already fully maximizing the CSM platform before COVID-19 hit but I have really appreciated the training webinars that the Symplicity support staff has put on. It was clear that the support team anticipated the needs and questions of all career services staff since these webinars discussed how to best utilize features within the system and tailor their use for a completely virtual environment.

What’s really great is that these aren’t new features—they’re all within CSM. The support team and the training webinars ensure that clients are utilizing the features they already have in the best way for this new normal that we’re in.”

To learn more about becoming a Symplicity CSM partner, email info@symplicity.com or schedule a conversation.

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