CSM Continues to Crack Down on Suspicious Employers


Providing students with quality, legitimate employment opportunities has always been a top priority of the CSM team, and with the product’s most recent update, users will have even more tools to fight against questionable employers.

Three new features have now been added to help you decide whether each job that comes through to your students is from a trustworthy source. The first of these features is aggregated community reports and statistics on employers that use Symplicity Recruit (formerly OneStop), CSM’s job-posting counterpart. By viewing these reports, CSM users can make a judgment about the legitimacy of an employer based on feedback from the rest of the community. We hope that all users will contribute to this feature by adding their own feedback. This feature now simplifies the process for everyone, since it eliminates the need to use Neighborhood discussions as an outlet for reporting suspicious employers.

The second new feature is automatic employer profile analysis, which will alert you if an employer has left out important information and raises any red flags. Examples of this information include whether a company email address is used, whether the email address is valid, whether the website domain looks professional, and whether the employer’s area code matches its alleged location.

Thirdly, CSM will now suggest next steps you can take before completing employer verification, guiding you through the best course of action. You’ll be prompted to take an action such as “search for this contact on Google,” “call the contact,” “view community reports” and more.

No student should ever fall victim to a fraudulent employer trap, and CSM’s new employer vetting features in this upcoming release will make your school’s defense against employer scams even stronger.

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