CSM Enterprise Addresses Career Services Trends in the Middle East

Universities in the Middle East have been signaling for some time that they are ready to step ahead and make their mark in the global university leagues. Recently, universities in the UAE have been making much heavier investments in IT infrastructure and educational technology – in fact, the education sector counts for approximately 24% of government expenditure in the UAE. This indicates a strong need in the UAE for effective ed tech solutions and a strong response from universities in seeking and implementing these solutions.

Furthermore, there are now 26 international universities in the UAE and an estimated 60,000 international students at UAE universities. As the number of international students these institutions attract increases, so do their challenges for attracting the best talent in the market at an admissions phase, facilitating knowledge exchange with academic program management, and ultimately achieving the best placement rates possible.

Universities in the UAE now experience an ever-present need for agile and sustainable solutions that enable measurable outcomes. In addition, as these institutions continue to grow and offer more courses, operational efficiency becomes fundamental. Knowledge management and breaking down silos between institutional offices becomes critical.

In the past two months, Symplicity has spoken with more than 20 leading educational institutions in the region, listened to their challenges, and has a developed an Enterprise solution fully available in Arabic that will help them excel in the global markets, boost their operational effectiveness, and set their career center as strategic drivers of the entire institution.

Universities in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are now taking this step forward to drive innovation around improving career services. They have seen the growth potential offered by CSM and have formed a strategic partnership with Symplicity to ensure that they keep up with the quickly growing demand for employability solutions in the Middle East.

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