CSM Ups the Ante on Actionable Intelligence


With CSM’s upcoming release, managers will now be able to drill down on trends and take advantage of student engagement data like never before. With an enhanced ability to analyze student trends, administrators will have an arsenal of new knowledge to use when looking to improve their career services operations.

Overall Student Engagement Dashboard

Staff will now have the ability to filter through groups of students by degree level, class level, major and graduation date in order to view these groups’ total CSM system logins, event engagement, job applications, counseling appointments, resume uploads and interviews scheduled. By measuring these metrics, career centers can gauge how involved students are in each of these areas.

Users can customize the graph by selecting and de-selecting various features, tailoring the graph to the exact data they’d like it to show.

Job Application Dashboard

Your team can now utilize the job applications dashboard to analyze which types of jobs students are applying to the most. This is incredibly valuable for career services staff so they can continue connecting with companies that offer the most sought-after jobs by students.

Event Engagement Dashboard

See which events are the most popular and which ones are failing to keep students interested. You can then leverage this knowledge to dedicate more resources to the types of events that are most successful, while either cutting down on the events with the lowest student turnout or investing more energy in spreading the word about events students might not know about. All CSM users can see the number of RSVPs for events within this new dashboards, and schools utilizing the kiosk module can track actual attendance.

Counseling Appointment Dashboard

CSM now allows staff users to identify the top reasons why students are visiting their career counselors, which indicates the areas students may need the most help with. For instance, if the majority of career counseling appointments are about resume-building, perhaps your career center should consider holding more on-campus workshops that cover this topic.

Student Engagement Snapshot

We’ve also added a new tool that provides staff with a quick snapshot of three of the most essential engagement metrics – event engagement, resume uploads and job applications. Not only will you see who has participated in these three activities, but you will also be able to pinpoint which areas are not attracting students to participate. With the ability to target areas in which students are least engaged, along with the groups of students who are the least engaged, administrators can turn this into action to get more students active and involved.

Student engagement dashboards are only one of the exciting improvements that will be revealed in CSM’s newest update!

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