Four Books for Students Entering the Workforce

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For entry-level candidates, the job search is challenging under any circumstances. But with revolutionary changes occurring in the economy and in the culture of work, recent graduates may need help preparing themselves for a successful career path. Careers are becoming more flexible, and professionals may no longer spend all their years at one company. As industries emerge and decline and uncertainty continues to be a theme in the modern job market, job seekers can educate themselves with these timely reads.

1. “Potluck Culture: Five Strategies to Engage the Modern Workplace,” by Dr. Ranjit Nair

College students are typically bombarded with information on resume-building, acing interviews and other surface-level factors in becoming a competent professional. The social and cultural aspects of career success, however, are often barely addressed. This book gives a wealth of insight into the inner workings of an organization and, more importantly, how professionals can build leadership, collaboration and communication skills.

2. “Life After College,” by Jenny Blake

“Life After College” is a practical survival guide for recent graduates and young professionals. Blake covers the gamut of topics readers want to know about, yet rarely receive actionable advice on. The book features coaching exercises to help young professionals make difficult decisions, set goals and navigate the waters of career uncertainty. With the perfect blend of actionable guidelines, motivation and personal experience, this book is a must-have for those beginning their career.

3. “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?” by Seth Godin

This book offers brilliant insight into the modern workplace and how a new role is developing in companies around the world. No longer do companies operate with only managers and laborers. Linchpins are the new leadership role that can transform professionals’ outlook – and their careers. Even interns can learn how to bolster their skills and maximize new opportunities during their internships. Not only does Linchpin give recent graduates knowledge on how to become the building blocks of their organization, but also the mindset to overcome mental obstacles with clarity.

4. “The Art of Work,” by Jeff Goins

This book promises a “proven path to discovering what you were meant to do.” After navigating his own winding journey to a fulfilling career, Goins has many lessons for recent graduates who haven’t quite settled into a comfortable career. “The Art of Work” offers perspective from both personal experience and current research to guide readers through the process of finding what they’re good at and carving out a path to earn money with their unique skills.

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