How Career Services Can Help with Student Retention

Across the country, colleges and universities are already worried about transitioning their resources online since many institutions are preparing for a virtual fall 2020 semester. Additionally, universities are worried about potential lawsuits on the horizon as students contest that their tuition payments should be reduced if their on-campus offerings, including in their tuition, are not being offered. Some institutions are already facing student lawsuits for tuition refunds for the spring 2020 semester in addition to worries about student retention in the fall.

Students are worried that the lack of in-person classrooms along with campus life amenities such a gyms, in-person counseling, student services, will hinder their college experience in the fall. With casual in-person interactions between students and staff missing, career services staff will find it especially challenging to conduct activities such as information sessions, on-campus engagement, and more. NPR discussed these lawsuits on a recent segment of All Things Considered interviewing law professor Deborah Hensler, who teaches at Standford Law School. Hensler argues that the lawsuits, “are a very long shot…” However, Hensler said that, “The students here are very fair, very reasonable. And they’re just asking for the difference between what they pay for and what they receive to come back to them.”

So how can campus staff find ways of engaging their students actively online to maintain retention? Career services staff can maintain student retention by actively engaging with their students through Symplicity CSM. While in-person information sessions, classroom presentations, and sporadic interactions with students may not exist for fall 2020, there are other ways career services can compel students to stay with a university with the customizable services provided by CSM.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, students felt like they were getting their “money’s worth” through career services support. This support continues to be delivered by holding virtual career fairs with employers, connecting employers directly to students who meet their qualifications (all visible through the CSM platform), or have employers collect resumes to empower employers with the means to find the right candidate. Career services staff can, in turn, provide 24/7 student resume critiques and support, segment and target virtual jobs and internships directly to students at a time when the virtual world is becoming the new reality.

Whether students need to schedule an appointment, have their resumes reviewed, search for jobs or internships, network with alumni, or research the latest industry trends, universities can continue to provide excellent career services virtually through the flexibility and customization offered by Symplicity CSM.

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