How Symplicity Recruit Protects Job Seekers from Scammers

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When it comes to screening for fraud employers and jobs through Symplicity Recruit, our team has a system that works. No fake employers can fool us. Each member of our team is fully trained to spot and block any false posting, so job seekers stay protected and focused on finding the best-fit opportunities.

With Symplicity Recruit, your students have access to a larger pool of job postings, targeted directly to your students. Tens of thousands of jobs are posted through Symplicity Recruit (formerly OneStop) on an annual basis, all of which are fraud-proof. Here’s how.

We look for red flags. A ton of red flags, such as:

  • The contact’s email domain does not exist.
  • The contact’s email domain is a close spoof of a legitimate company (e.g. and was recently created.
  • Work-from-home employment opportunities.
  • The job location is nationwide for a local business.
  • The salary offered is unrealistically high for the job requirements.
  • The selected job targets do not match the job location.
  • The selected job targets have been randomly selected from the top of the school list (e.g., all the A’s).
  • There are too many, wide-ranging job targets for the type of job.
  • The contact’s address and area code do not match.
  • The contact’s phone number is not valid.
  • The contact’s IP location is different from their physical address location.
  • There are inconsistencies in the employer profile, such as missing or short company description, no company website, obviously inaccurate industry, all industries selected, etc.
  • There are multiple event log records for credit card declined.
  • The posting or registration is suspicious or incomplete.
  • They have not verified their emails within 24 hours.

Most red flags require further review, so then we:

  • Examine the final or draft job.
  • Verify that the website used in the contact’s email domain is valid.
  • Check the IP address.
  • Verify that the contact’s physical address and telephone area code match the job location.
  • Perform an Internet search on the contact’s name and company to check for existing LinkedIn or Facebook accounts, news articles, records in Hoovers, etc.
  • Check payment type. If payment has been made via Stripe, we check the card holder’s name and location.
  • See if the contact has existing account(s) at a local school; log in there to see when the account was created and if legitimate jobs have previously been submitted.
  • Call the contact to verify. Calling is always the best authorization technique. If the problem is a generic email address, the contact can be given the option to change it to his/her work email.

We always reject jobs and registrations when:

  • There are charge fees for registrations, buy-in, or internship placements.
  • They are not really jobs (e.g. generic advertising).

Throughout this entire process, we believe that requiring a legitimate employer to re-register is much more preferable to approving a scammer. We also encourage clients to notify us of any local fraudulent jobs and employers in their systems so we can make sure the person doesn’t have an Symplicity Recruit account.

The Symplicity Recruit support team is here to provide a safe and dependable space for job seekers to connect with great employers and find their dream jobs.

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