Screening Candidates in Your Career Services Platform: Why It's So Important

Connecting students to internships or post-graduation work improves not only the success of your students and alumni, but the reputation of your institution by creating positive employment outcomes to report and advertise. That being said, matching the right students to the best opportunities for them can get complicated. Employers who seek your collaboration in sourcing college students and recent grads don't want to be overwhelmed by thousands of applications. They know that to find entry-level employees worth interviewing, screening on the part of your career center is necessary.

It Makes the Process More Efficient

Screening students by major, graduation date and degree before they're allowed to apply for a position delivers fewer candidates to employers. This is, ultimately, a good thing. Companies will get only appropriate and qualified applicants in their inbox, which saves time and helps streamline the hiring process for everyone.

It Builds Better Relationships With Employers

Some career services platforms let any student apply for any job posting. Quite simply, this might annoy employers. Inundated with scores of applicants who are not closely matched to their needs, employers may stop wanting to advertise positions on these particular career services platforms. Screen candidates accordingly, however, and businesses will find it easier to hire interns and entry-level employees, and they will turn to your institution for leads again in the future.

Create More Long-Term Success for Students

Letting students apply to any and all jobs that they see may – rarely – lead them to a fortuitously good opportunity, but it may also lead them down a fruitless path. Instead, mentoring students at each step of the job-hunting process should include screening measures within your career services platform. When students are directed toward the jobs for which they are most qualified, they're more likely to connect with a role they can thrive in over the long run.

CSM by Symplicity differentiates itself by having built-in screening measures within the system that keep candidates from applying to jobs they are not qualified for, ultimately saving time both for the students and job-posters.


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