Symplicity Ensures That Higher Ed Is Meeting the Changing Employability Needs in South Africa

The Symplicity team has met employability leaders from educational institutions and the government in South Africa to discuss how universities and colleges can further develop students’ tangible and intangible skills so that they can become more employable and ultimately find jobs. Youth unemployment in South Africa exceeds 50%, and colleges and universities have a responsibility to take a more robust, proactive approach towards career development.

Some of the country's leading schools, such as the University of Johannesburg, North Western University, Stellenbosch, and University of Western Cape have already partnered with Symplicity and are in the process of implementing enterprise-wide employability strategies, fostering synergies across their institutions to achieve the overall goal of improving student employability.

While the Enterprise CSM platform is fully compliant with the PoPI Data Protection Act, it also allows for automated integration with leading LMS and CRM providers. This allows institutions to better interpret and respond to the needs of employers while at the same time improving their operational efficiency. Students can receive career-related advice and support anytime, anywhere through the platform’s mobile app.

Strategic partnerships recently formed with South African companies in Cape Town and Johannesburg empower Symplicity's local presence and include support, as well as implementation and integration services.

We look forward to supporting more South African institutions in increasing their student placement rates and helping their students secure jobs that match their sector, functional area and location preferences.

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