The Future of CSM


For those who were not able to attend last week’s Future of CSM webinar, here is a brief recap of what was discussed.

Janet Sun kicked off the webinar with an intro about college and university trends and how these trends will affect the future of career centers. “As students evolve with needs and expectations, the career center needs to evolve with them. And we, as your technology partner, are evolving to support your efforts.” With that in mind, Symplicity is making big changes to CSM. We are moving with the time and after intense research into identifying student needs and desires, we have developed a cleaner, smarter, more like-able CSM.

The future of CSM is intuitive, social and predictive.


These days, students are seeking a more personalized, relevant user experience. We have many new features, including a completely revamped interface, that will excite and attract students to CSM and keep them focused on finding their future. Staff can ease into the transition, too: All clients will have the ability to turn the interface on and off, so they can change at a time that’s right for them.


Millennials are a very social and share-happy generation. We are adding social-centric features to connect students with employers, peers, faculty, alumni–all in a very professional way. We don’t want these features to compete with social; that’s not our goal. Our goal is to encourage and enhance student engagement during their job search while helping them build stronger networking connections.


We’re taking CSM’s predictive features to the next level. We have smart matching for students that will use the data they have provided to match suggest jobs for students and personalize their news feed so that each user has a personalized experience. Faculty and staff can now opt-in to using Landed to share and gather outcomes data with other schools nationwide.

Last but certainly not least, we’re adding great things to Careers, our CSM mobile app for students. Stay tuned for more in the next few weeks!

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