Top 3 Metrics to Consider When Analyzing Engagement With Your Career Center

As the market leader in providing higher ed institutions with career services management tools, we’ve found that one of the hottest topics and biggest concerns within career services is student engagement. When students are not engaged with your career center, not only do they suffer by missing out on valuable career resources, but your career services team suffers as well by beginning to fall by the wayside in the grand hierarchy of campus departments. In order to ensure that your career center is remaining relevant and keeping students engaged, measure and draw conclusions from these three metrics:

Career Advising/Coaching Appointments

The more often students are making appointments with your career services team, the more your team can assume that students are both aware of your career center’s offerings and interested in partaking in them. By measuring the frequency and number of career advising or coaching appointments at your career center, you can gauge which groups of students are the most and least engaged with your team. You can then target the ones who are least engaged with outreach using email blast tools, such as Campaign Manager in CSM.

Workshops and Events Attended

The frequency with which students attend events offered by your career center, such as workshops, career fairs, on-campus recruiting and information sessions, is an important indicator of how engaged students are with your career services offerings. If your career center regularly sees low event turnout, especially from a particular demographic of students (students of a certain year, a certain major, etc.), it’s time to take action and reevaluate both how you can make events more enticing to students and how you can better get the word out to increase attendance. CSM can help you increase event turnout by suggesting recommended events to students personalized to that student’s information, historical data, and the historical data of similar students.

Job Interviews Scheduled

Students who are engaged with your career center will not only be applying to jobs through your job board, but they’ll be following through with the process by taking the next step and actually setting up interviews with employers. If you are seeing a low rate of students scheduling interviews through your system, you may want to get feedback from students themselves about why they are disinterested in connecting with employers through your career center’s job board. With CSM’s survey tools, you can get this input from students directly in order to find out why they are not engaged with proceeding throughout the interview process with employers who post on your job board.


Now, how do you measure these important metrics? CSM’s new student engagement dashboard shows total logins, event RSVPs and attendance, job applications, resume uploads, interviews and counseling appointments. Schedule a conversation with us to learn more.

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