Why CSM Clients Abroad Need to Attend CSM Symposium ’17


Every year, hundreds of CSM clients from both the US and abroad fly in for CSM Symposium, the most important annual event for networking with other career services professionals and learning how to maximize your CSM system. Last year, we were in New Orleans and this year, we’ll be meeting in beautiful Indian Wells, California. For many clients in the states, CSM Symposium is a given, but why should you fly in if you are from an institution abroad?

More than ever, this year’s Symposium will pay special attention to employability trends in our largest international markets including the UK, South America, Asia and the Middle East. We understand that employability trends are different depending on your region, and that’s why this year, there will be break-out sessions specifically dedicated to employability trends in markets outside the US.

2. To learn how to tailor your system to YOUR localized needs.

Just like employability trends are different from country to country, the nuances of your CSM system will also differ depending on your area. This year, our Customer Relationship Specialists and product support team will be making sure they dedicate even more time to sharing tips and tricks that are directly applicable to clients in our various international markets. Some product knowledge applicable to CSM-users in the states will not apply to users abroad, and vice versa – that’s why we’ll make sure there is more than enough learning to go around, no matter what country or region you’re from.

3. To find out about the investments we’ve made in CSM International.

This year, Symplicity is proud to have made some major investments in spreading the power of CSM even further and making sure its benefits transcend the boundaries of different countries, time zones and language barriers. We’ve not only recruited a larger team of both leaders and on-the-ground support professionals with extensive experience addressing employability in international markets, but we have also made significant technological advancements to CSM itself to ensure that it accommodates clients from every country and continent. CSM Symposium is the ultimate opportunity for you to find out in great detail just what we’ve done to make sure that higher ed institutions and their students all across the world can benefit equally from CSM!

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