Why Do You Need Customizable Administrative Rights in Your Career Services Management Platform?

The biggest threat to data security in career services management platforms isn't always from cyber-criminals. Most issues involving lost or altered information occur when authorized administrators have unlimited access to view and edit data that is unrelated to their job function. Small errors can lead to big problems in the form of incorrect or unauthorized data changes, deletion of information and history, changing or cancelling of registrations and inappropriate retrieval of confidential details.

Issues With a Lack of Customizable Administrative Rights

Large, complex institutions have many administrators in their career centers, each responsible for separate functions. Each administrator should only be using the tool in ways related to their specific job function, since in many cases, their training with the system is limited to the functions of their individual role. Though often unintentional, users who have access to functions of the system that they aren't entirely familiar with can result in data, files or workflows being deleted or altered as a result of simple user error.

Without customizable administrative rights, all administrators have access to all areas of the platform, which increases the risk of well-intended users making irreparable mistakes.

Protecting System Data and Functionality Through Administrative Limits

Customizable administrative rights in career services management tools regulate the access of individual administrators, ensuring that each user's ability to view and alter various areas of the system is limited to the specific functions needed to perform his or her role. Unfortunately, this feature isn't available in some of the career services management products on the market today, which leaves users open to risk. With data security taking center-stage in the global dialogue on digital record-keeping, especially in higher education, many organizations have determined that role-based access is a must-have feature.

Symplicity's industry-leading solution, CSM, ensures that administrator access is tailored to individual users, removing much of the risk of data loss and other unintended changes to the system. Administrators are restricted to the area of the system relevant to their roles, diminishing the likelihood that information and history will be deleted, registrations cancelled or confidential data retrieved by users who should not be privy to it.

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