Match MBA CSEA Standards Using CSM Reporting

Are you not 100% sure of the validity of data captured?  Do you spend significant time and resources in analyzing and formatting this data? Do you need this data to participate in the international Business School rankings?

Symplicity CSM´s recent innovation, the MBA CSEA survey, will assist you in resolving all of the above questions. The Symplicity team has developed an intuitive interface that captures this data and through 16 pre-defined MBA CSEA standards reporting templates ensures that this data is collected in the right format and displayed in a meaningful way.

What’s more, CSM allows you to define additional entry points for this data for that specific institutional reporting. You can now, for example, generate in one unique report your recent MBA graduate placement percentage % within a specific sector vs. the number of current students that would like to work in that sector and then also combine the preferences of companies from that sector that your student would like to work at. This feature allows Career Services teams to form proactive plans related to student development and employer engagement, ultimately increasing the likeliness of achieving higher student placement rates.

The Symplicity CSM reporting module will:

  • Save you time and outreach efforts in capturing the data from your students and graduates
  • Save you time and resources from analyzing the data and ensuring that it is in the correct format
  • Increase operational efficiencies by ensuring a one stop data collection for student placement and tracking as well as all the other services your career center provides
  • Empower you to further adopt practices based on data driven decision making

If you have not yet activated the MBA CSEA reporting module or would like to find out more about it, feel free to schedule a conversation with us or reach out to

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